EthanThe 2015 Cub Scout Program is here and it is going to have a positive impact on the ease of planning a Cub Scout program in the Church!! You can pick up the new Wolf, Bear, and Webelos hand books and leader’s books at your Scout Shop now!

The focus will switch from completing requirements to achieve a rank to guiding the boys on adventures. When they receive the rank is no longer the key but the journey becomes the way we reinforce the values and incorporate service and leadership in the program.

What’s new with Cub Scouts in 2015? No longer called requirements but Adventures, the new program will be easier for Ward leaders to plan a program to meet the interest of the boys and families. Each Rank has 7 adventures (combination of core and elective) required for achieving the rank.

The program is evolving, from www.lds.org, you are directed to www.ldsbsa.org which then directs you to www.scouting.org/programupdates.aspx

By the way, if you are a new leader, or a new Cub Scout leader was called in your ward, then a great place to start the new calling is at http://www.ldsbsa.org/new-leaders/pack-primary/